Blog 5: “Just Go With Your Instincts”

“Why are all of you guys so obsessed with Psychology?” A friend of mine asked me a few days ago when we were in the library and I was reading a Psychology book while she was reading about the universe.
I wasn’t obsessed… I just like to take good care of anything that’s part of me. When you know what’s right, anything can become a part of you.

Two years ago, we were asked to make our decisions about the subjects we want to do for our A-Levels. The teachers stressed on how important this would be since our university applications would depend on the results we get in these four subjects and would also depict the paths of higher education we would want to choose.

I was among the very few to choose Psychology as a subject. There had been only one batch before us who had done it and it wasn’t a very popular option among most of my friends.

Now was the tough part: I really wanted to do Chemistry, Physics and Biology so my fourth option was to choose between Psychology and Math. Or I could do both, but I didn’t want to stress myself too much. Almost all of my friends asked me to do Math. “Psychology is the most useless subject I have ever come across” were the exact words a friend of mine had to say. Some said I’d fail Physics if I didn’t do Math. Just because Psychology was a new subject to the school, it was ‘bad’. But I, I chose Psychology.

When we started, we didn’t have the text book, we had no clue what we were to do and our teacher was not in school. But we had one thing with us in ample supply: we had hope and determination. We had all been placed in one class because we had all made the same decision. We had decided to go against the common belief and chose Psychology.

Soon our teacher returned, we got our books and we began the lessons. A year passed with the best class discussions we had. We had our exams and we all did well. What we all failed to notice was that with every lesson we had, we were different from the previous one.

It was in the second and final year that I realized what the decision of choosing Psychology meant to me.
The six of us were a whole lot different from where we had started… we had grown up in many ways. When we started the subject two years back, we had barely spoken to each other before. Now we were the closest friends. We had learnt to stand up for one another, to choose the right thing from the wrong and speak even when we were the only ones standing. We were now stronger than ever before, more confident and courageous. We were standing, not afraid of what the ‘others’ had to say about us, not offended by them calling us ‘The Psychos’, and never too tired for a psychology lesson.

We had the most amazing times as a class together. Very often, our other friends thought we were lying about the conversations we have in class. It just seemed so surreal to them that the simple decision of having chosen psychology had changed us all so much.

The six of us, each person different for who we were, along with our amazing teacher, had the best times we could ever ask for in school. We didn’t call ourselves names, the others did instead. We didn’t bunk classes, we wanted to go for them instead. We didn’t find studying boring because we studied together. Most people probably thought we were a bunch of losers, but for us, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. We had it all: friends, laughter, understanding and fun. With all these, we also had good lessons and equally good class discussions.

Those who had classified us as ‘The Psychos’ had nothing to say anymore. Nothing they said could bring us down anymore… we had found our way about the problem: we laughed with them and soon they were confused about what was going on.  We had our inside jokes and debates and a lot of beautiful memories to look back on now.

Now I think back on the days I stood strong on my decision to do Psychology. It was a just a form to fill and a decision to make but one wrong choice and I wouldn’t have had the same times, and I wouldn’t be the same person I am now. If there’s something I learnt in the last two years, I’ve learnt that two years is long enough to change a person. And doing what you think is right is what’s right.

My message to you is that whatever you think you know is best for you, at that moment you feel it. You know it’s right and the best for you. Math would have been a  good option but I knew right then that Psychology was the better option for me. I was right and I only know it now because I didn’t back off. I didn’t listen to all those negative things they had to say, I just listened to myself and my parents. After all, who knows you better than your parents?

My post is not as entertaining or adventurous as the previous one but I wanted to be part of this because I wanted to do what little I could to share my happiness with someone else. Because they’ve shared theirs with me, and that’s meant the world to me. This was another thing I knew was right for me to do. It’s all about doing what’s right, making a difference, taking a chance and believing in yourself. It’s about stepping out of the stereotyped views and going with what you know is best for you.

I’ll just sum this up with a comment made by my Psychology teacher:
“Just go with your instincts.”



16 thoughts on “Blog 5: “Just Go With Your Instincts”

  1. The rector of my college, in his opening address one year, referred to what he called the hidden curriculum – the things students learn at school and college outside the classroom. It sounds to me that you had a very powerful hidden curriculum in your Psych class. Thank you so much for sharing this experience.

    Your concluding thought is very true – you are the only person who can make the right choice for you. Always seek counsel from wise people you trust – parents, mentors, teachers; seldom friends, ironically – but in the end, make your own choice. That way, if things go wrong you only have yourself to blame, but at least you’ll learn, and if things go right you get the satisfaction of knowing you acted wisely.

  2. Beautifully written, thank you for sharing your experience. Hopefully more than a handful of people take away the idea behind your post and choose the direction they think they should rather than take everybody else’s word for it.
    – Krys

  3. Great post! 🙂 I took Psychology at ALevel and while it was very different to your experience (it was a very popular course but none of my friends took it, and most people realised they hated it a month or two in) but I thrived on it and couldn’t get enough! As you say I never left a lesson bored and felt like I was learning something important every time. Now I’ve just finished my first year of Psychology at university and I often wonder what I would be doing now if I hadn’t made that choice!

    • I see that we share something here. The funny thing is that I got offered a scholarship for a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology but as much as I loved the subject, I had other plans. If I had not changed my mind, I would have started this September with it. It’s really a beautiful thing how something can become part of you in just a second… and how the right choice can change everything. My Psychology lessons have been the best. Good luck with all the awesome Psychologyyet to come! #Freudianfan 😀

      • Hahaaa thanks! It’s interesting that you chose a different course in the end! Although I have to say psychology is very different at uni, I’m not quite sure what to think of it yet, lol. It is still interesting but the change has taken me a while to get my head around. 🙂

        Good luck with your course! Freud is the best. 😛

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