Blog 14: Maybe someone needs a smile today

Hello everybody, I hope you all are doing well. I realized that there hasn’t been much activity here recently so I thought I’d share with you something that happened to me today.

I’m a believer… in second chances, in love, in forgiveness… and sometimes I feel like the only person who still believes. But there’s always those moments once in a way where you realize you’re not the only one. That someone out there is trying just as hard as you to put a smile on someone’s day, to share their dose of happiness.

This year, I decided I’d try even harder to do just that. To share a smile, to say hello to a stranger, to leave a few MORE notes for someone who might be reading my favorite book, to be a little more humane than I have been. Maybe I don’t know but someone needs that smile more than I do. I started off when the clock struck midnight and the New Year dawned by walking up to an elderly woman selling cotton candy to the kids who had gathered to watch the firework display. I went up to her and when she stood up to make one for me I asked her if I could have a  picture with her. Maybe I’ll never see her again, maybe it never mattered to her but right then when everyone was holding hands with loved ones, I wanted her to know she had someone to hold hands with as well. I wanted her to feel a little less lonely, I wanted her to know she mattered to the world… and the smile she wore on her face as she wiped away tears of joy and hugged me and kissed my cheek – that expression was worth everything for. See, a little act to show someone worthy of something could be all a person needed in their life.

I’ve been continuing to try and give people smiles but I didn’t realize what it was doing to me. Took me 21 days to realize that every time I gave someone a smile, mine grew as well. Often we think that when we give away something, we lose it. The truth is, when we give someone something, the supply only grows larger. This is the biggest thing I learnt through this.

This is how one of the biggest surprise came to me.

You know it’s every girl’s dream to have a rose given to you, and even though I’ve never really liked roses for how they are overrated, I tagged along with my two friends to a rose market because they were so fascinated by the colours and varieties. And while they took pictures of themselves with bunches of roses, I was looking at the vendors wondering which one I could possibly walk up to and ask if I could take a picture with him or her. Finally I found this one person I thought wouldn’t mind a picture but when I asked her with hand gestures (because I still can’t speak Georgian!), she refused. As I walked back, a man whose name I’ll never learn spoke to us. He pulled out the biggest bunch of red roses he had for sale and handed it to me and asked my friend to take a picture. He didn’t know it was him I was more interested in than the roses and after managing to say that he stood with me and my friend for a picture. I couldn’t thank him enough but it seemed like he wanted to thank us. He picked two long-stemmed yellow roses and handed one to each of us. We were confused, surprised and when we asked him why, he said (from what I understand) “It’s a small thing, you can take it and go.” I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to appreciate his kindness. I didn’t know how I could tell him that he was making the world a brighter place. So, we simply took the roses and came home.

It may never occur to you how much the little acts of kindness mean to people. This reminds me of a vegetable vendor I’ve met who I’ve said “Gamarjobat” (that’s Hello in Georgian) every morning for about a year, who once stopped me on my way home to force a bag full of vegetables and fruits into my hand. That bag of vegetables weighing no less than 2kg must have took her a lot of time and energy to earn but it seems that a friendly smile and a hello from a girl whose name she’ll never know was more important to her. Money can buy you a lot of things, but we all need more smiles, friendly hellos and humanity to survive.

I’m not the best writer but I’m trying to convey a message here. I’m trying to tell you how a little act of kindness can change someone’s day. I’m asking you to do something that would change someone’s day… offer someone a smile, ask an elderly person if you could carry their bags to the eighth floor, feed a cold kitten on the street, leave a note inside a book.. you’d be surprised by the things you discover.


7 thoughts on “Blog 14: Maybe someone needs a smile today

  1. beautifully written Zulaiha. you are such a beautiful person! if only our world was filled with more people like you. you inspire alot of people.

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