Thankful Thursday

Today is the first Thankful Thursday here on Book Notes.

On Thankful Thursday, take a moment to think about something you are thankful for in your life. Is it your job? Your friends or family? Your loyal dog or the friendly cat that sleeps at your feet? How about the food in your fridge, the flowers poking up through the winter frost or the sun shining on your nose this morning? There are so many things in our lives we have to be thankful for. Even if we’ve been having a bad day or a bad week, even a bad month – there is always something good in your life. Find it and smile.

On this Thursday I am thankful for friends. I have some truly wonderful people in my life. They listen when I’m going through a tough time and make me laugh. They lift me up when I am down and share my joy on the good days. They tell me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it, and are always ready to drop everything to help out. I am a blessed woman.

What are you thankful for today?


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