About The Book Notes Project

Who Are We? 


photHi, my name is Emma and I’m the creator of this project. I’m 22 years old and currently studying for my Masters degree in Educational Science. I created this project after I got inspired by several other people leaving positive notes for strangers or leaving random notes in books. There’s so much negativity all around us and what I wanted to do is find a way to make people feel a bit better, even if it’s just for a little while.


Hi, i’m Leigh from England. I’m roughly 22 years and 100 days old. Right now I’m living in New Zealand. One day I was feeling sad and my friends made me feel better. All it took was a couple of links to a motivational story, a quote, a video. Nothing too radical. What actually mattered was the gentle reminder that there are good things out there, and plenty of people working to make the world a happier place. Reasons to smile on a cloudy day… I don’t think it’s likely that this project is going to change the world, but maybe we could make a difference to someones day, in a positive way. That’s why I joined this project; to see if we can let a little sunshine in. That would be good, right?

(i’m going to work out a picture, really really soon.)


Hey everybody, I’m Krys (no “legit” picture yet). I decided to join this little pet project of Emma’s out of curiosity to see where it’ll actually go. I kind of relate it to other “note” projects and thought this might be a fun little side thing to do while I’m borrowing books from the library. When I’m not busy stocking books with notes I’m busy getting my fitness on or reading a book for the next review post.


avatarukeMy name is Maia and I’m a singer, songwriter, aspiring author and avid reader from Oslo, Norway. I struggled with body image, self confidence and society’s expectations for how a woman is supposed to look and act for years. You could say I’m still struggling with these things, but from the other side of the fence, and these are subjects I try to bring up in my music and my writing. If I can help other people find the confidence that I’ve been lucky enough to find, I’ll be very happy indeed.


Tiffany MetzgerI’m Tiffany. I’m a 24 year old graphic designer and writer from Ohio, USA. I’m a drinker of tea and lover of popcorn. I can be seen frequenting libraries, walking in the woods and buying comic books. Reading and laughing are my two favorite things and I hope to share those passions with this project. I already leave sticky notes for myself all over the place, so putting them in books to brighten a stranger’s day will just be the next step. Hopefully I’ll help bring a little more laughter into the world.


KathyHi! I’m Kathy and I’m currently studying in London, UK where I spend a LOT of time reading on the famous London Underground. I buy most of my books secondhand or in charity shops and I love it when I find something extra inside which is why I wanted to get involved in this project. London can be a fairly impersonal place to live sometimes so anything that can brighten someone’s day has to be a good thing as far as I’m concerned!


Hello! My name’s George, from Lebanon. I’m 15 (I feel like a kid between all the awesome people participating in this project). Emma’s blog is basically my favorite blog on WordPress, and when she posted about the Book Notes Project, I was immediately interested in it. I still haven’t written any notes (I have no books to give back to libraries!), but I might be doing it soon.
My life in five words: books, music, studying, Oreos, sleeping. I also write short stories (which you can read on my blog). Hopefully, I’ll be able to send out notes soon.


Hello! I’m Zulaiha, 17 and from Sri Lanka. The reason I joined the Book Notes Project is that the whole idea of leaving notes for people sounded so familiar to me. I’m the kind of person who’d leave a note on a book asking you to smile, or send an e-mail to someone from my school that I’ve never met just to say hi. I don’t usually get replies to these because it just seems creepy to people that a girl who hardly ever speaks to anyone in real life would be walking around leaving notes. Nevertheless, I still do it and I know I just made someone smile. So when I heard about the Book Notes project, I couldn’t resist it. I’m proud to be one of the people here… to be able to spread the smiles.

Our Other Awesome Contributors

Name                                      Blog                                       Location

Megan                                    Frustrated Reader                 North Dakota, USA

Jack                                        YA Book Stop                         Dublin, Ireland

Leah                                        The Perks of Being a Bookworm        Bath, England

Cain                                         No BS Books                            Wisconsin, USA

Saba                                        Nerd Enchanted                    Dubai

Avani                                     Popstar in the making          Dubai

Amy                                       –                                                     North Carolina

Riya                                        Eyes Say It All                        Delhi, India

Mamik                                   I am slim shady                     Dubai

Kathy                                    –                                                     –

What Do We Do?


7 thoughts on “About The Book Notes Project

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  2. Hi Emma,

    I am quite a bit older than you (53) and I have seen a lot of sad, angry and frustrated people in my time. I am a teacher at a school for 12-18 year olds. Their love of life is inspiring and most of the time they fill me with energy. Unfortunately, there are also those who seem not to be able to cope with the high demands put on them by their families or their friends. I can only imagine what a friendly, optimistic note can do for such a person. If your initiative puts a smile on a sad face, you will be the luckiest person in the world. Thank you for this positive idea.

    Helmi Sonneveld

    • Hi Helmi,

      Thank you so much for your positive comment! It is so good to hear from someone whose passion it is to inspire young people.

      We really hope that we will be able to give people, even if it’s only one person, a good feeling about them selves, or put a smile on their face. If we are able to accomplish that, we will definitely be the luckiest people in the world.

      Again, thank you so much for your comment. It really means a lot.


      The Book Notes Project Team.

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